Friday, September 7, 2007

Big Changes in 2007 - The Secret

2007 is my year! I just know it in my heart and soul. I started meditating. This is a huge thing for me. I'm usually so ADD that I can't concentrate on any one thing for a great length of time. But, I started meditating about my artwork and what truly inspires me. Sometimes it's really easy to be influenced by what other artists are doing, and not searching down deep enough for your own authentic path. Plus, I'm guilty of working in some many diverse mediums that it's hard to concentrate on one type of work. But, the meditating has actually helped me put a lot of pieces together and come out with a new direction that is entirely mine. I'm so excited about the new work. Right now, I'm working a little on some technical aspects that need to come together before I actually start the work. That is so hard for me to be patient and not jump right in. But, I know that it's going to be so worth the wait. I can't wait to tell you more about it as it comes together.Pin It