Friday, September 7, 2007

Craft Porcelain

Well, today I tried a new product in my studio. It's called Craft Porcelain. I bought it some time ago to try out and finally got around to it. As many of you know, for a while I made real porcelain art dolls. The Craft Porcelain is an air dry clay, so it doesn't require a kiln. I have some really cool 50's high ball glasses that I wanted to use as the base for some new art doll figures. The head was to be shaped from the Craft Porcelain. Well, it turned out to be a little frustrating. I tend to like clays that I can add water to smooth areas. You can't add water to the Craft Porcelain, it becomes sticky. The package says that you can steam it with heat to soften it. I think the clay would be good for flowers, etc. but not so much for doll heads. I had a hard time smoothing it in areas that were joined together. I even tried smoothing with a clay shaper and it still was difficult. The whole texture of the clay reminded me of the stuff you used in kindergarten that was made with Elmer's glue (it even had that smell to it). The thin areas of the clay are drying translucent. I made two heads and gave up. I think I'm going to have to look into a different material for the heads. I'll keep you posted.

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