Friday, September 7, 2007

Dreams Do Come True's finally official! I'm moving to Fernandina Beach, FL. It wasn't quite a year ago when my brother took me there on vacation. I fell in love with the area. I couldn't figure out how my husband would be able to leave Atlanta, so I just mentioned to him that it would be a nice place for us to look at when we retire. A few months later, my husband visited Fernandina, and fell in love also. We decided that we needed a slower pace from Atlanta, and it was just right for us. This past week, we went to look at homes there. We didn't find the perfect house yet, but I did find the studio of my dreams.Now, a few months ago, I practiced the manifestation techniques from "The Secret", also known as The Laws of Attraction. I knew that I needed a studio space as large as the entire downstairs of my home currently. I wanted it to be open with hardwood floors and huge windows. I wanted it on the main street of the historic district of Fernandina. Not only did that dream come true this past week, but everything else that I had always desired in a studio space was also there! It is a dream come true. Here are some pictures of it.

The inside as you walk up the stairs. One hundred year old heart of pine floors!!!

This is a dining room/office that has been built out.

The kitchen, with dishwasher. I see wine tasting art shows in the near future!

And, even though it doesn't look like much now, this is my courtyard garden looking out over my balcony in the back. It's going to be magical!

The best part of all is my landlord. Now, I know folks don't usually rave about landlords. But this one is different. It turns out that she also used the techniques from "The Secret" to find the perfect tenant. She's also an artist, who was originally from Atlanta and moved to Fernandina with her husband and two children. Her artwork is incredible. I am in awe of it. But, best of all, she is a kindred spirit who I have become fast friends with. Check her work out at Pin It