Friday, September 21, 2007

In the Studio Today

I just finished this piece...and yes it's supposed to look rusty, and old. :) It's a patina on the brass that causes oxidation and color changes. As I told you yesterday, I originally started this necklace about 3 years ago, and found it unfinished in a box yesterday. Back then, I had plans to make it look more like a Sorrelli piece of Jewelry. But, today I decided to set vintage stones and an actual mini starfish in resin. I'm going for more of a Michael deMeng look. I'll photograph it better later for listing on eBay this evening.

Also in the studio, I'm working on a new painting. I showed you the background for it a few days ago. Well, the painting finally spoke to me, and now it will be about the last of summer's flowers. I sketched it in today and added the base color for the figure and flower centers.

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