Friday, September 7, 2007

Jan. 2007 - I promise to be a better blogger

This was my New Year's resolution, and here is is the 4th of February, and I'm finally getting started. I've always been a late bloomer!

So, yesterday, I did something new for me. I started Svaroopa yoga. It was the best! I highly recommend it. Wow, I can't explain the difference I felt afterwards. The mental high from it was amazing. This quote was taken from my instructor's website, "Svaroopa yoga was developed by Rama Berch, who founded and directs the Master Yoga Academy in LaJolla, California and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This style of yoga is compassionate with gently supported poses that bring a deep release to the muscles of the spine, starting with the tailbone. The word "svaroopa" is translated from Sanskrit as "the bliss of your own being" therefore after a session blissed out may best describe your state of being." It was total bliss...I highly recommend it!

Well, off to the studio. More tomorrow.Pin It