Friday, September 7, 2007


I missed a day blogging. Sorry about that. I had a great reason. Yesterday was officially "Wyanne Day". I took the whole day to myself. I think everyone should do that! I spent most of the day at the hair salon. I decided to get rid of the blond and gray hair and go back to being a brunette. I'd been trying for the past couple of years to let the gray start coming out (I have lots)...but I finally gave up...I've got plenty of time for that later. So, I went back to a dark chocolate color, but with with burgundy. It's pretty retro glam....and I'm lovin it. You know when your husband says, "Geez...I'm gonna have to start working out at the gym"...that you're lookin pretty good. Plus some of my girlfriends told me that I look 10 years younger...and they're the kind of friends that wouldn't fib. So...I'm feeling pretty good. Thanks to Beth at Haute Heads for making me over!Pin It