Friday, September 7, 2007

Rain, Rain...Go Away...

I worked more on the painting today....and it's coming together really nicely. Sorry that I didn't have a chance to shoot a photo before I lost all the natural light in my studio today. I'll try to post the progress tomorrow. The biggest reason that I couldn't get the photo was due to the huge amount of rain we had this afternoon. It pretty much altered the day's plans. When Logan, my five year old, got out of school we were supposed to go shopping for her Valentine's. The rain and traffic were so bad that I decided to wait until later to go out. But, it really didn't let up. So, we got creative and made her Valentine's this year. I hope she doesn't get razzed tomorrow for not have the latest Character commercial themed Valentine's. She had a lot of fun making these and I hope it goes over big for her tomorrow. She's only in I don't think she'll have it too bad. Good thing Mom's an artist, and has a boat load of supplies in her studio. Each child's name is on the front in funky letters, and she signed the back. She made 20 of them! I think they came out pretty cute.Pin It