Friday, September 7, 2007

So art stuff coming in the mail!

So, as I told you yesterday, I have been working on developing a new type/technique/artwork/whatever. I've had to spend a lot of time thinking out the execution of this work, since it's a little different that anything I've done in the past. I couldn't use traditional stretched canvas for the work because it wasn't strong enough. was looking like the new work was going to have to be on wood. For me... this was not looking good. Trips to Home Depot are usually not a pleasant experience for me. And the thought of having to decide what wood, find someone to cut it for me....and then sand and prepare it...was making the whole adventure look bleak. So when things look bleak...where do you turn....good old Google! I found a product that had intrigued me in the past, and it had evolved into just what I needed. The product is called Ampersand Claybord.

Some of you might know if for "Scratch Art". In the past few years they have added several types of texture to it, like gesso, and hardwood. The claybord itself has always been great for watercolors. But, now to make it better, they have cradled it with 2" sides. So, there is no framing necessary. This is really good for my new work! Can't tell you the exact reason why....cause I'd ruin the surprise! But, it will provide a strong support me with no warping. Yeah!!!! No Home Depot begging my DH to saw and sand wood for me! Now....if it will just get here, so I can start working! Jerry's Artarama ...please send my order Fast!Pin It