Friday, September 28, 2007

What Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You Stronger most of you know I've been really sick this past week. So sick, that I had to stay in bed for days. It was horrible. About a year and a half ago, I was told that I had gallstones and needed to have my gallbladder removed. Now, I'm one of those people who thinks God gave us all our organs for a reason and we should do our best to keep them. So, I started seeing a naturopath, Dr. Melendez in Atlanta. Within a few months, of drastically changing my diet, and taking the herbs and vitamins, I was pretty much symptom free. Then after the stress of the move to our fabulous Island, I got over confident enjoying all the new restaurants and delicacies (Chez Lezan Bakery) of the Island. And it all came to a screeching halt with a huge gallbladder attack. Now gallbladder attacks are so painful, that it mimics a heart attack in a lot of ways...and is definitely as bad as childbirth. My attack lasted about 12+ hours. But the aftermath was the worst I've ever had. The pain and soreness continued for days. I finally went to the doctor. I got medication for the inflammation and possible infection for it. He, of course wanted to send me to the surgeon. I also had to stay in bed, because the more I moved around, the more I jumbled up the stones causing irritation and pain. My husband, Dan is in Atlanta for his Wine Festival this weekend, and couldn't be here. Thank goodness for my 13 year old, Luke. He helped prepare meals, and was great looking after his sister. Now...I'm getting better and stronger. I can honestly say that I have learned my lesson. Pain is a great teacher. I'll be much more careful about everything I eat....and I won't forget my vitamins and herbal treatments. And I promise to start exercising slowly. I plan to keep my gallbladder for a long, long time.

Tanseki Gall Bladder Prints available on Etsy. The image was made from a carved block and printed on watercolor paper. Aren't they great! She also has notecards made up too.
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