Friday, September 28, 2007

What's In the Studio Today

Today I'm finishing a watercolor painting, hopefully to be listed tonight on eBay. It's titled, "A Really Good Book". It's hard to see in this photo but she's reading a book. I'm in the process of putting in the final details and my signature "golding". I'm not sure why I have the tendency to outline everything in gold, but for some reason to me it doesn't look finished unless I do. I remember being very inspired in my college art history class, by the "Illuminated Manuscripts"...and that is where it comes from. I've tried in the past to get away from it, but it just comes back. I've even had customers ask why a particular painting didn't have gold. So, I guess I should just go with it.....
I'm also working on this cool necklace. I was ready to construct it when I realized that some of my supplies were still at home from when I was sick. So, I'll finish it tonight or tomorrow. In this photo is only a partial shot of the necklace, because I wanted to show you these really cool beads. The tube beads are vintage paper beads. Remember when you used to roll up magazine paper with glue and make beads? I used to love doing that! Anyway...I found these in an old vintage necklace and wanted to reuse them. The fish is a handmade ceramic bead. Cool, huh....wait until you see the finished necklace!Pin It