Sunday, October 28, 2007

Going Old School....

The weather on the Island this weekend, has been cloudy, rainy and very windy. Wine Husband had to go back to Atlanta to work on our old house, and I've had the kids. So, instead of going to the studio, we spent most of our Sunday at home. My aspiring 13 year old artist and I had a conversation recently about how I studied Fine Art Photography in art school, but no longer shoot pictures. I tried to explain to him that the digital age kinda ruined it for me...but he has no concept of a darkroom, film and chemicals. But, the convo got me thinking about shooting again. So, after a week of working the concept details out...I started a series of photo collages. I wanted them to have vintage charm, with interesting colors and textures. I really enjoyed working on them...and already have plans for more. So, a cloudy Sunday was turned into new magic. Please let me know how you like them.Pin It