Friday, October 12, 2007

Temptation Friday

Here are some goodies for you. If you would like to purchase something, please let me know in the comments. I'll also need to have your email address to send the PayPal invoice. All prices include standard shipping in the US and Canada. Thanks....have fun! You can click the photos to see images larger.

Set of 24 Bottlecaps. Some more vintage than others. Unused, sides are not pushed in or out from being on a bottle. Some have cork in them. Some minor surface scratches from age, etc. $3.00 includes shipping.

Glass Beads. 3 strands. Colors are a little more muted, and vintage looking than the photo shows. 2 strands are 7mm and 1 strand is 10mm. 36 beads on the 10mm strand, and apx. 45 beads on each 7mm strand. The beads are glass and vary slightly in size. They each have pink rose type flowers and gold accents. The colors are very pretty. All three strands $12.00 includes shipping.

Quirky vintage plastic and fabric Christmas ornaments lot. Odd assortment of ornaments made from plastic and fabrics. They are in various degrees of condition. Some are good, others have missing eyes, holes, or paint that has rubbed off or where it isn't supposed to be. Fun for altered art and kitsch Christmas art. $5.00 includes shipping.

Brass Fairy Locket. Raw brass which can easily be shined up. Has three places for rhinestones, but looks great without them. 2" long. Hinge works great. Has space inside for a 1 1/8" X 1 1/2" photo or collage. $7.00 includes shipping.

Soldered Fairy Charm. This was a practice charm that is not soldered as perfectly as I would have liked. The fairy is behind glass. She has been hand painted with watercolors. There is a loop at the bottom for a hanging bead. I'll be happy to add one for you, just tell me what you would like (color). That would change the cost to an additional $1.00. She measures 1 3/4" long loop to loop. $7.00 includes shipping. $8.00 if dangling bead is added.

Trick or Treat Halloween Soldered Charm. Another practice charm that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. It has two girl pals with paper party hats and the words Trick or Treat collaged on. $6.00 includes shipping.Pin It

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