Friday, November 2, 2007

Creative Every Day Challenge Day 1

Even though it's Day 2 of the Creative Every Day Challenge, I'm going to be posting a day behind. Sorry about that. This is my project from Day 1. I decided to break out my Gocco printer and FINALLY learn how to work it. The instructions that came with it are a little challenging, but I managed to get it working! If you don't know about a Gocco's really cool. The printer is from Japan. It is a home printing system similar to silk screening. Here's a picture of my Gocco.

The image was from a doodle drawing that I had made with markers. I scanned the original and printed it on my laser printer. The Gocco needs carbon to make the screen. You can use a laser printer or a photocopy from a copier with toner. I then took the laser copy and put it in the gocco to make the screen. It uses two flash bulbs, and a special mesh screen. The bulbs produce a flash that somehow magically puts your image onto the screen for printing. To my surprise, it worked. I then added some gold ink to the screen and was able to begin printing. The prints came out beautiful on the first try. Unfortunately, I had to leave to pick up Luke from school. after only printing 2. I left everything and made a mad dash out the door. When I returned about a half hour later...the ink had begun to dry in the screen and I was unable to get another good print. I attempted to clean the screen, but I don't think it worked so well. Tomorrow, I'll get everything together and reshoot a screen again. If I have the paper already cut and easy to load in, then I should be able to do multiple prints. But, still not too bad for a first try.Pin It