Saturday, November 10, 2007

Creative Every Day Challenge Day 10

I finished my "Believe Angel" today. I'm really pleased with the way that she turned out. It's been a long road to free myself, and let myself go creatively...and make something that was so heartfelt and emotional. I don't know if I could ever part with her.

I once took a Creativity Workshop with Stewart Cubley, who co-authored the book Life Paint and Passion, Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression. He asked me, if I didn't have to paint to make a living, what would I paint for myself...just for me. I honestly haven't been able to answer that question for 5-1/2 years. I can now answer it. What a breakthrough this has been for me. It's amazing what happens when you stand in your power. I decided that she will be the first thing that I see when I open my studio door in the morning, and leave at night.

A believe in myself, my talent and trust the Universe.

Here are some detail shots of the painting. You can click any of these, or the one above to see the painting larger.

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