Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Creative Every Day Challenge Day 28

Today I finished the painting for the book tentatively entitled, "37 days". I was randomly given an essay from the book called, "Roll On the Floor" to create art for. The painting is my interpretation of the essay. You can read the essay here on the author's blog. 37days Roll on the Floor. I think you really have to read the essay to understand my painting. But, here's a little about my visual and emotional interpretation.

The angel is teaching the girl. I chose an angel because they appear in my work often, and because I wanted to show that every teacher, no matter how high the authority can still learn. The angel is teaching from the book to the girls mind. The girl is interrupting the the session, showing her a heart, a reminder of sorts to teach from the other's person's perspective.

On the dresses, I wrote excerpts from the essay. "We All Make Meaning In Different Ways." And, "Go Beneath Language to communicate."

The Black Lab is part of the author's essay. She relates teaching others to a reality TV show about a black lab learning tricks. The other dog is learning from him. I also put the Black lab rolling over in for humor. A reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.

I hope they like it. There is a chance that it won't be picked for the book. But, I enjoyed working on it and learned a lot. I'd love to hear every one's comments!Pin It