Thursday, November 29, 2007

Creative Every Day Challenge Day 29

When I finished with the painting for the book yesterday, I wanted to do a special, different piece for my Reserve Art Event. I had a little book that I had purchased a while back. It's 4" x 4" and has a plain manila cover and a few's cute because it ties up with a ribbon. I've had it forever and finally decided to do something with it. I wanted to make an Angel book.

When I got to the studio this morning, I was trying to think about the message that I wanted to get across to the reader. After watching Project Runway last night, Wine Husband was in dismay about how skinny models gotta love this man! We talked about a woman's self image, and how we could keep our daughter's positive. I had no idea that this would spill over into my little book. The book became much more personal to me than I had ever intended. While the process was happening, I was in tears from what was spilling out. I knew that I couldn't ever part with it, and it had to be a gift for my daughter. Here are the pages:

We Dream of a world where you know

you are always beautiful

every little part of you is are special

there is no one like you...Always love you

I do, and always will.

I added this personalized page in the back for her.
This was a really special piece for me that I hope she'll treasure. Being adopted, and losing my adopted mom at a young age...I realize now, how I don't have things like this, that she left behind. It has really created a void over the years, and I don't want that to happen to my little girl. I'm so happy I thought of it for Logan.

I'm considering still doing a limited edition version of the book for the Reserve Art Event. The cover would be original, and the inside pages would be giclees of the above images. The back would be left for you to personalize yourself. I'm still thinking about it, and what it would if you think you might be interested...let me know.Pin It