Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creative Every Day Challenge Days 14&15

I've had to put my current creations on hold for the past couple of days as I got caught up with the "business" side of my art. Yesterday, was spent printing giclee prints to fulfill orders. This is a shot of my desk right now.

After I print the giclee, I hand embellish it with gold metallic ink, and sometimes glitter, colored pencils, pastels, seashells and rhinestones. These are things I tend to use in my original paintings, so I try to make it as similar to the original painting as possible.

However, this takes a lot of time. This is all that I've been doing for a day and a half.

Now I'm off to the frame shop to pick up mats. I have over 50 unanswered important emails in my box, commissioned paintings, and tons of new ideas...but these have to wait until all the orders get shipped tomorrow. I'm hoping to be caught up again by Saturday to work on some new paintings and jewelry. And to make things worse...I've got a cold. Going home early to get some rest and TLC.Pin It