Friday, November 9, 2007

Creative Every Day Challenge Days 8 & 9

The Universe sent me a wake up call yesterday, which was so traumatic that I wasn't sure how I would survive. It was an emotional, gut wrenching day for me personally.. But, I got through it with the help of my good friend, and fellow artist, Rebecca. Sometimes, I guess you just need those wake up calls to put you back on track. Today, after a good night sleep I went to the studio and was finally able to create like I haven't done in a very long time. After having my studio in my home for so many years, I got a little stagnant and comfortable. I set an intention to have the studio of my dreams...and it came to be...but it also came with a price tag. So, for months I haven't been able to get past the worry of the $$$ each month, to truly create. It has been so bad that it has physically made me ill at times. I've also had a difficult time unpacking boxes, getting organized and decorating the studio. My dear friend, Rebecca pointed out to me how I hadn't done those things, because of a fear in the back of my mind, that I might lose the studio. She was right. So, today I unpacked a little bit, organized a little more, and just started painting. But, I decided to paint like my life depended on it. I decided to paint like I would never get a chance to paint again. And, instead of worrying about every little thing...I let go...I let the Universe take over. And it worked....
I started working on 5 canvas at once. Laying in backgrounds, and layering collage elements. I let the paintings show me where they wanted to go, instead of vice versa. Eventually, one canvas started developing more than the others and the others were put away. She still isn't finished yet. But, I wanted you to see the process.

She is my "Believe Angel". She's all about trusting yourself, believing in yourself. Something I needed to do again. In the top right corner it says, " You have everything you need. It was given to you long ago. Use it, like today is your last day. Believe in you."Pin It