Thursday, November 1, 2007

Creative Every Day

Today is the start of my new daily challenge through Creative Every Day, and it's the start of some new beginnings and changes in my life. I've been selling my artwork on the Internet now for 10 years. I had two physical art galleries in Atlanta in the late 90's that were struggling. In an effort to survive, I found eBay. We began selling more art through eBay than through the art galleries. So, eventually I closed the galleries and began promoting my work exclusively online. I learned quickly what formulas worked, and how to excel. But, throughout the process I felt like something was missing. I never had the time to fully take my art to a new level because I was constantly creating for the "quick" online sale. I dabbled in some new mediums like porcelain hand sculpting, and spent several years studying metalsmithing on the side. It was challenging to work from home in a tiny sunroom studio, and fully feed my creativity. Last June, we moved to Fernandina Beach, and I was blessed with finding the studio of my dreams. I moved in and even though I have the space to create in all my mediums...the day to day business of making $$$ to pay for everything, has overshadowed expanding my creativity to the new levels that I had hoped for. So, after I long talk with "Wine Husband", aka my special earth angel....he has convinced me to use the next three months to take my art to the next level. I'm going to finish my commission paintings, shipments, prints, and other obligations up in the next 2 weeks. Then take the rest of the time to create the new work that I've been dreaming years about. My studio rent and utilities will be taken care of, and I just need to get my %&*# together and make my art. Today, is the first day of that adventure. How good it feels..........Pin It