Tuesday, December 11, 2007

thinking too small....

Thanks to all who attended and especially purchased artwork and jewelry at my online Reserve Art Event. You guys are the best!

It's funny how you think things are not going right for you...but it turns out that they were going right all along. The Universe does that to you....kinda like April Fools! I worked so hard on the Reserve Art Event. I put in so many requests to the Universe for a sell out event. I sold a a good bit...but not a sell out. I wanted to prove to my family...especially wine husband, that I could do it. I wanted to pull out the big girl shoes and show just how well I could do as an artist. (Those of you who know a little bit about me, know that this comes from never having the support to pursue my art from my adopted parents.) But...I was thinking too small....

Anyway...the whole time I was putting the sell out event, out to the Universe...what I unconsciously was thinking about was how I could develop a technique, a style that was unique. I admire those artists who have spent hundreds of hours researching and discovering new ways of doing things that we are so in awe of....that magazines write articles on, and books are published about. I always felt like I didn't have the time. Well...the whole time I was preparing for the Reserve Art Event, working on my paintings...the Universe was giving me what I wanted. That technique. I was laying the stepping stones in my paintings for the event...but only after the event was going on...did I get the rest of the bridge.

I hate to seem too overly whimsical...but the new technique was revealed in a dream I had. I jumped out of bed, and immediately started making notes of what I needed. A trip to the local art store in Jacksonville...and a few hours was coming together. The painting above uses the new technique.

I promise I will reveal more about the technique later. But, for now....this is a mixed media painting. It uses collage elements and acrylic paint on ultra smooth claybord made by Ampersand. I wanted to achieve the look of a collage without the built up texture. In the paintings for the Reserve Art Event, I experimented with collaging napkins. It worked good, but I wanted something even smoother. So, I used translucent Asian papers. I'm really thrilled with the possiblitlies...and can't wait to do more.

So...if my Reserve Art Event had of been a sell out...I would have been so happy and bombarded with shipments...that I would not have had the time, or thought, to look at things a little harder.

Thanks to the Universe for knowing what's best for me and answering the right requests.Pin It