Thursday, December 13, 2007

what can I do in 6 days?

That's my question and challenge for myself today. Wine Husband wants me to open the doors to the studio on Dec. 21st. Yikes! There is so much to do and he's in Atlanta until next I can pretty much count him out. Besides...even if he was here...he'd be busy with wine business stuff and not much help. So... it's up to me to turn this place around. It is in complete disarray after preparing for the Reserve Art Event. My biggest problem is lack of organization. After moving, things got unpacked but not put in logical places. I spend half my time searching for things. I'm also not liking the flow of the work area. I need to change it to accommodate a larger shipping area, and still make it look nice. I am a terrible decorator. I think it's the artist in me that can find beauty in just about everything. Even if it looks bad, I can still find appealing things about it. So starting today, and not counting the weekend (reserved for kids and house cleaning) I have 6 days.

During these 6 days, I need to get current shipments out, print and embellish giclees, completely re-do the work area of the studio, organize everything, clean, get work in frames and hung, bag giclees for sale, price all work and label it, and get a business license. Plus still continue to sell on Etsy and eBay, to have income coming in. And for my own sanity, I need to add some "creating new art" time in there. Can I do it? I feel like I'm caught up in some bad reality TV show. I might need some help and ideas from all of you.

So, for today...I'm going to rearrange furniture in the work area, and get a new shipping table set up. I'm also going to get all my shipments packed up and taken to the post office.

I took some pictures to show you what I'm tackling. I was shocked when I looked at the's worse than I thought.

Here's the gallery needs some clean up and straightening. It's not too bad. Wine
Husband helped me hang stuff and decorate before he left for Atlanta. This room is getting there.

But, the real mess is where I create. The work area is completely unacceptable. There are no words for how bad it is. I'm ashamed to even post the picture. I had someone write me after watching the messy studio video and say that they would run away if they came into my studio and it looked like that. She is right. And you know what...the bad thing is that it's worse now than when I made the video. It was really hard for me to get a large body of work completed for the Reserve Art Event...and not be messy. So, here it is...please don't give me any grief about it...the lady's comment already devastated me for a couple of days. (really it did...I'm too sensitive, I know)

It looks like a hurricane went through here. But, this is my challenge. My 6 day challenge. I know I can do this. All of this. I'll turn this place around and make it beautiful again.

Now time to get to work moving furniture. I'll keep you posted.Pin It