Friday, January 11, 2008

Nature Lover Fairy

I just finished this little painting the other day. It was inspired by my 6 year old daughter, Logan. She is crazy about nature. On her Thankgiving Thanks list, she was thankful for nature. I am amazed by this, because as her mom...I am prone to an over dramatized diva fear of bugs...grass makes me itchy...and I don't do well camping. But, her...she could live outside. I guess she gets this from Wine Husband.

This painting is on wood and I used the collage technique with the Asian papers. I put her up in my shop.

My website hosting company went down and have been down for over 24 hours. For some reason if you put the www in front of shows a under construction page. But, if you just type in shows up. I'm hoping they get this resolved quickly....or I'm going to have to change hosts. Any suggestions?

Well, time to get back to the home front. My little Logan is home sick and feeling really bad. :(Pin It