Friday, February 15, 2008

Indulging the Soul

I just finished this painting. It has a lot to do with how I've been feeling lately. As many of you know, I credit "The Secret" and the laws of attraction for scoring my dream studio last June. My studio is incredible, it's fabulous. I should be soaring on top of the world. But, once I got here...things didn't come so easy. There was the back breaking move (literally...almost),the culture shock of moving to a small town, and the new pressure of having a studio with overhead (something I took for granted... working from home for so many years). It's been challenging. And through all those challenges, my faith started wavering. What if I wasn't cut out to be an artist with a fancy studio, maybe I should have stayed home and done this part-time, etc. I was self sabotaging myself with negative thoughts. I found that... I get back from the Universe exactly what I project. If I was negative and down...not so great things happened. If I was ho hum, I got ho hum in return. It's one thing to say positive things....but if in the back of your mind you have doubt...things are not going to work very well. Your words, thoughts and actions have to be firing in complete alignment. Then everything you seek to attract will come your way with ease. This is so hard when we all seem to have a little guy on our shoulders...always telling us that we're not good enough or wrong in some respect. How to you get past that? For me, I just have to trust. I have to thank the Universe for giving me the challenges. I have to know in my heart that the Universe will provide for me. I have to do what makes me happy, because I know it will make others happy. A friend asked me today how I could stand putting my original paintings on eBay for 99cents without a reserve. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard or scary. But, I just have to I can't be checking auctions every 5 minutes for bids and worrying. I have to trust that those bids will come and the Universe will provide just the right amount for each painting. I have to let go and keep things in motion by creating new work and just let things "be". I have to do what I love, looking at each painting as a learning experience to refine my art and grow...and not get hung up on the $ amount it brings in. I know that... if my heart, mind, words and actions all believe in the same outcome, the Universe will too. It happened before...and it will happen over and over again. I just have to make my dreams real all the time. Please make yours real is so worth it. What are you waiting for? Love, WyannePin It