Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Award for me...Thank you So Much!

I really hate to sound down...but I am a little. You see, my little one...Logan is sick again. The key word is AGAIN. The poor child has suffered on and off since January. We moved from Atlanta to get away from the pollution to help her asthma. But, apparently there are a lot more new pollens down here, and she has to get used to them. So, any little cold turns into a major ordeal. She was fine yesterday morning, and when I picked her up from school...she could barely talk, over 102 fever and lethargic. Any one who knows Logan, knows she's always going a mile a minute. So, off to the doctor we went. The Strep and Flu tests came back negative. So, basically there is nothing I can do. We tried to come to the studio for a little while, but she's just too miserable. So, I apologize to everyone...I'm taking her home. I have no computer at home right I'm extra behind on emails, youtube replies, blog replies, and shipments. On a brighter note, Wine Husband is on is way back from Atlanta and I'll have help soon. :)

But, on the most bright note of all....

I got an award. It's my first too. I feel so honored and special. Annie Beez Folk Art awarded me the "You Make My Day Award". And she said some really nice things on her blog about me. How cool is that! Well, she definitely made my day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please show her some love too by checking out her site... Annie Beez Folk Art.

There's lots of new work up on eBay. So, I hope you will check that out too. And I had to relist "Play", because the highest bidder didn't respond. I hope they are okay.

Much love,
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