Thursday, March 20, 2008

Doesn't Play Well With Others

I don't have much time to post. I'm going out to eat at one of the best places on the Island, Barbara Jean's. And if you don't get there can be sure to be waiting hungrily outside for quite a while. But she has crabcakes and cooked carrots to die for....I know...carrots...but they are the best...and I'm a bit odd.


I just finished this painting. It was a fun piece because I had to put up a lot at stake for it! Two whole rolls of Smarties and one candy necklace to be exact. You see, they scored me the 1st grader's writing in the middle of the painting. Now, this 1st grader has greatly improved on her writing skills over the school year...but needs a little more work in the spelling area. But...I loved it just the way it was. What do you think? Does it work or is it a distraction?

Also, I finished a new video. I'm so glad you guys are letting me know how much you are enjoying these. And I'm so thrilled that several artists have written that they have actually learned a few new things. So cool. I'm having a great time making them. I just wish I had a better camera...but for right now this one is doing an okay job. Maybe I can send out a Mother's Day hint here....

Enjoy...I'm off for crabcakes and carrots.

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