Monday, April 7, 2008

a quiet day for me....

Today, I needed a quiet day. You has been Spring Break around my house. We have entertained out of town guests, who I rarely get to see. And it was splendid. I had such a good time, and miss them already. My kids have been out of school, so studio days have been cut short, to spend more time with them. We went to the zoo with my great, dear friend, Kelly and her two red headed twins. We went to Jacksonville, "The closest real City" to the Island. We shopped at all the stores I miss from Atlanta. It was great. was loud...and I'm a quiet person.

So, on my morning walk today...I found some quiet time and got inspired. I came to the studio and decided I needed a quiet painting. So, I played...and played...and played in the quiet.

fyi..."Play in Wyanne's dictionary equals Paint".

The day was the best. Tomorrow...I'll get back to the my happy medium between quiet and loud. I'll listen to some Kate Nash, and paint some more girls. But, for now....I hope you can enjoy the quiet too.


PS. I decided to list one in my neglected Etsy store instead of Ebay. I also put a few new giclees in the Etsy store too.

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