Wednesday, May 21, 2008

before and after...

I promised you a little peek into my new studio and gallery, now that it is finally OPEN!!! Wine Husband did an incredible job getting it ready and looking beautiful. It's still not 100% all done, but 85% would be about right.

There's a video tour below.

And....If you are not subscribed to my might want to sign up soon. I have a special sale coming up to celebrate the grand opening of the store...and a CONTEST! much excitement!!! Okay...okay...I had to do something because after David Cook (crossing fingers and toes) wins American Idol tonight...what will there be? So you can sign up here on the blog through Feedblitz, which will notify you every time I post on the blog...or if you'd just like the less frequent newsletter....go to my website and sign up.

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