Monday, May 19, 2008


I've been busy. Wine Husband has left to go back to Atlanta for two more weeks. The kids and I had a lot of fun this past weekend running around the "big" city of Jacksonville, FL. Barnes and Noble was our best stop, as we don't have a good bookstore (imho...of course) on the Island. But, amongst all the running around, I found lots of time to paint...and make jewelry (gasp). I feel like it's been ages since I've been able to work on my jewelry. Now, I'm not guys are keeping me really busy painting...but you making feeds my soul too.

I finished my painting last night...and thought how much I would like to make a necklace. And then this inner voice tells me, " can't do'll stay up too late and not be able to get up in the morning". So, I made up my mind at the moment, that it wouldn't exhaust me and things would still go smoothly in the household. So, I started the piece. Then during the creation, other little voices would tell me, "This isn't going to don't have the right beads or better stop right now." I kept going. Reminding myself that the Universe had given me everything I need to make this necklace. I already had everything I needed...translation...I didn't need to buy another supply to create it. And it worked. The necklace is gorgeous...better than I had planned.

And to make everything even better...I got up early...felt refreshed....walked on the beach....filmed the last of my new the kids to school on time....had enough time to pull myself together with nice clothes and makeup...a good hair day...a fresh baked healthy muffin, finished a new video, listed new things on ebay and etsy...updated the blog, and so much more because the day isn't over yet.

And you know why....because I changed my mind. I expected everything to go along smoothly and great...AND IT DID!!!!

So, expect. Magical things can happen.

The new video is below. And be sure to check out the new stuff of etsy and ebay.

Love...lots of it,


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  1. Hi Wyanne,

    I love this new painting! I watched the video and really enjoyed what you had to say about expectations. Sometimes I have to remind myself that expectations will affect outcome!

    Good for you for making the beautiful necklace! I am glad that you followed the voice of your inner spirit and created such a lovely piece.

    Have a happy evening!

    Hugs and love,

  2. Wyanne, this painting is adorable and that necklace!!! Wow!

    Thank you for the inspiring messages and the reminder to expect great things to happen. So, so true! I really needed that reminder today!



  3. what a beautiful message, your voice is and soul are just very soothing to me.

    Love the painting and the necklace is gorgeous as well!

  4. wow! LOVE the necklace! ...and YES! let's do the "i paint you, you paint me" in june~ or WHEN ever u r ready~ just let me know! oooooh~ i am having computer troubles today!? do you know how to change a video file to .wmv format??? ~thanks!

  5. Thank you for the inspirational video and your words, love your work!


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