Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom Day!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all having a wonderful Mom day! I'm certainly enjoying mine. Wine Husband came home late last night, instead of late that was a nice surprise.
(Oh...and for those of you who don't know why I call him's because he's considered a guru of sorts in the wine industry.) He brought back lots of goodies from Atlanta for me, that I had been missing.

My son is feeling better...but still not 100% well. I have managed to dodge the cooties still, with lots of vitamins. Miss Logan woke me up early with lots of handmade Mother's Day gifts...including the innovative masterful drawing on a old toilet paper roll. How very green of her!

Mother's Day weekend also brought a little 4 1/2 pound misfit into our lives. He looks to be part chihuahua, dachshund and terrier. He's a really sweet boy with chocolate co
loring. I think we are going to name him Rolo. Yes, after one of my favorite candies. But, he's trying on other names as well. I tried to take his picture...but he's convinced I'll steal his spirit with the camera. Here's the best one:

So, that's about it for now. I finished "City Girl"and put her up on eBay. Guess I was a little homesick for Atlanta...but not so much now that my baby is back home.....

Going home to take the rest of the day off. Kelly of Happy Shack Designs tagged me the other day...and I promise to answer all those questions tomorrow.

Happy Mom Day!

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