Thursday, May 22, 2008

I spent the night with Yupo last night...

You know...I should have known something was up when Yupo arrived. He was different...heavyweight...slick...and synthetic. I was immediately put off...and forgot about him. He just wasn't right for me. But, throughout the days...he kept calling me. He told me we'd have a really good time...that I needed some adventure in my life. I told him that I just wasn't ready. But, last night, I gave in. We got off to a bad start. His slick nature...just rubbed me the wrong way. Half way through the evening...I tossed him aside and was convinced I'd just get a good night's sleep. A couple of hours later...there he was...begging me to give him a second chance. He told me he'd take me to new heights. And I gave in to his slick, superficial ways. He took some time to get used to...but I soon realized that he was right. He took me places I've never been before...all with careless abandon and unexpected surprises along the way. It was quite an adventure and I'm finding myself yearning for more...

Yupo - Imported from Japan, Yupo is an all new synthetic paper that has a velvety smooth surface that takes pen and ink, pencil and marker. As a watercolor paper it has the special advantage of being non-absorbent so colors sit on top of its surface. This feature makes the color much more brilliant than with standard watercolor papers and allows you to completely wipe off unwanted sections of your painting. might want to make a date with Yupo and take a ride on the wild side.


PS. Yes, the painting above is on Yupo paper. It's a huge 20" x 26" and on eBay now. It's called, "Still Waiting".Pin It