Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'll be a good girl tonight....

and I promise not to stay up late. But, last night I just couldn't help it. I started this painting, and just had to see if through. I love it so much.. It was just too much fun, and I am super pleased with the way it came out. Did, I tell you I love it!!! The idea came from one of Logan's school papers. She had to write a story about Little Bear and how he helped poor lost Emily home. It was too cute. With her permission, she allowed me to use it in the painting. Now...let me explain the reasoning...first, of all I'm totally addicted to kid's handwriting...and the second reason is because little Miss Logan has always had terrible handwriting. Her brain is going so super fast that she doesn't have time to be neat (don't know where she gets that from...) But, anyway...since I've used her work in the paintings, her writing has greatly improved. She was very much concerned after I used her writing in another painting, and had to check with her teacher to make sure it was okay. Mrs. P gave her blessing for the sake of art.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy it...just put it up at auction on Ebay. It's American Idol night and I'm going to enjoy it with the kids and go to bed early. I promise...well maybe not if I get another painting idea...ok, ok, I promise (fingers crossed behind my back).

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