Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I need to just "be" for a while. That's what this painting is all case you can't read it on the painting...It says, "Wish, Dream, Be". Things have been a little more than hectic these past few weeks. I've felt like my head was spinning around like crazy. There have been some great things happening (I promise to tell you all about them soon, can't yet...) and some not so great things happening. I already told you about Pops and Wine Husband being out of town...but the topper was a cease and desist letter that I received from a company called Modern Past. I had named my new Etsy shop that because I wanted a short and sweet name for Etsy. Oops. I stepped on their toes... I was sorry, and they were very understanding. Now, I have to move everything back to the original store. A little more work...and a larger lesson learned.

I discovered that I've been on autopilot. I was so busy worrying about everything...that I forgot to wish...dream....and more importantly, just be. Going around worrying and just going through the motions was not good. I wasn't allowing myself to take the time for me. It was very counterproductive. So, I'm taking the time to take care of not dream...and just "be". Being the best I can...knowing it is enough...and knowing the Universe will handle the rest.

lots of love,
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