Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thank you to everyone for your concern and well wishes concerning my bad week. I'm really very good right now. A little love goes a long way....even through the Internet. :)

So...I just finished this painting. It's called "Beginnings". There is a lot of negative talk swirling around right now (thanks to the media) about the economy. How things are bad, etc. I try extra, super hard not to listen to it. The more we listen to it, talk about it...the more we will manifest it. So, we all just need to stop. I received my regular email from Joe Vitale this morning, addressing this same issue. Here's a quote from it:

"Stop paying attention to the media.

Stop paying attention to the doom and
gloom of anyone and everyone around.

Stop getting sucked into being a victim.


You won't go anywhere buying into the
cultural trance that there isn't enough
and times are tough.

You won't accomplish your big goals, or
do anything of real greatness as long as
you give in to outer circumstances."

He's right. We are all in control of our own happiness. I found this
out again for the 100th time last week. So, I'm having a beginning.
I'm not going to allow myself to go to dark side. :) I'm not going
to listen to the media, or allow myself to be zapped of my positive
energy by negative people. I'm going to be consciously happy and
positive. I think it's perfectly fine to have lots of beginnings. We
all need to take inventory of our soul, and make sure we are still
on the right path. When you don't, you wind up on auto pilot like
me, this past week. You get so caught up in the worry, the doubt,
and the taking care of everyone else's needs...that you ignore
yourself. And if you start doing that long
will catch up with you one way or another. For me...I ignored a
foot injury..until it got so bad that it wouldn't let me ignore it
anymore. Now, the worst (for me, anyway) has come. After
finally seeking a medical professional's advice...I have found that
for the next couple of months I have to wear these!!!!!!

Ugh!!!! Crocs! Crocs are for kids!!! I said I would NEVER, EVER.... What would Stacy and Clinton think? And to make it worse...I can't wear the semi-cute new styles! But...being that even this is a new beginning....I will make the best out of it. I am constantly amazed how comfortable they are...and my foot is thanking me already....really....

So...I promise in my new beginning to stay in my hAppY pLaCe...even while wearing Crocs. It's such a great positive place to be!!! And you know what...there's room there for you too!!! But please, please... just don't look at my feet.......


PS. a big announcement tomorrow...stay tuned.....AND yes...even though there was a little glitch with the new Etsy store. Everything is still 20% off the price shown in the store. I will email you a revised invoice.

....later alligator.......Pin It