Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fairies and flowers.....

My friend, Casey (an incredible artist) sent me a link this morning. Someone had posted the flowers from my studio front door on their blog. Isn't that cool! The blog is called, "What I Saw On My Walk Today", by Theresa an innkeeper here on the Island. I hope to meet her soon. I wanted to show you my new fairy painting and video today, but my new video camera isn't working yet with my old software. So, I decided to share this with you instead because there is a cute story behind these flowers.

Wine Husband got the pretty pots for me several months ago. One day before he left for Atlanta, he planted some really bright orange flowers in them to surprise me. I was so thrilled. Then the next morning I came back to the studio to find holes where my flowers used to be. Talk about high to low....I was bummed about it all day. BUT then the next morning....I came back to the studio and these GORGEOUS flowers were planted.

My little one...7 year old Logan, thinks the fairies did it.


More tomorrow.

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