Friday, August 29, 2008

a happy dance....

Remember when I said that I had some big announcements...but I could not tell you all of them...just yet. Well, now I can tell you about one more!

One of my paintings has been published in a new really cool book. It's called, "Life As A Verb" - 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful and Live Intentionally. It's so excited to open a book and see your work among the pages. Gotta do a happy dance...........♥♥♥

The painting was a mixed media collage created from one of Patti Digh's essays, called "Roll on the Floor". You might remember the painting, as I posted about it last November. The painting and a copy of the book are currently at auction at be sure to check them out.

Now...I'll sit back and bite my tongue until I can share all the other exciting news with you. But, as soon as I get the okay...I will. pinky promise.........
Don't forget the 20% off sale in the entire Etsy store, with Free Gifts for purchases over $50 and free shipping in the United States. It's going on through this weekend and ends Sept. 2nd. There is more info in the post below. You know...according to Santa's's only 117 days until Christmas.

Love and happy dances,
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