Monday, August 18, 2008

light tomorrow with today...

My kids started new schools today. At the elementary school, parades of parents were escorting their children to classrooms. 7 year old wanted to be dropped off... so little Miss Independent could make her own way to her classroom. I have to say...I was proud of her. My son started high school. He was so nervous...I'm not sure he slept the night before. We had to circle around the high school four times before he got out of the car. I felt really bad for him. I don't remember any of my "first days" of school. Were they terribly traumatic that I blocked them out...or just not a big deal. I wish I could remember.

I just finished a new painting assemblage and video for it. The painting is mixed media on wood with jewelry elements. It was a blast because I got to play around with woodburning. Too cool. I call her my French Angel. I woodburned the saying "Light Tomorrow With Today" in French. Hope you like her.


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