Sunday, August 3, 2008

louise syndrome...

The other day, I was visiting my dearest friend at her lovely home. She is an artist, and her husband is an incredible fine jewelry designer. He makes stunning designs in gold and platinum. After looking at her artwork, I asked if he would let me see some of his jewelry too. I was privileged to my own private trunk show of his creations and works in progress. They were breathtaking, to say the least. During the private showing, I discovered that my friend had lots of gifts of jewelry from him, that she rarely wears except for special occasions. You see, she and I live on an Island where getting dressed up means wearing something slightly nicer than your flip flops or crocs and shorts. And since both of us are means wearing something that doesn't have paint stains on it. I went home, and took out my overcrowded jewelry box, and started organizing it...only to find that I had all kinds of gorgeous jewelry too, that I never wear..and had even forgotten about. Why? Because I'm worried that I might lose it, break it, get paint on it, or that it's too dressy for my everyday Island attire. I know my friend has the same reasoning.

But, all of this brought me back to my own mom, Louise. She was in her early 60's when she went into a nursing home after a series of strokes and spent 17 years incapacitated. Louise, too had an overflowing box of jewelry that she never wore for most of the same reasons. She also had beautiful collections of gorgeous things packed away for safety, and never enjoyed. Even special clothes that were never worn because they were too nice. I could go on and on...but you get the idea. Very sad...and this is what I now refer to as "Louise Syndrome".

I'm not sure why we feel that we have to put things off until a better time. We let our best jewelry sit in a box, that no one gets to enjoy...not even us. We buy expensive art supplies that sit on a shelf, only to be used when divine inspiration strikes...for fear that we might waste it. We worry too much, we are too cautious, and therefore, we lose a lot of time.

I'm working really hard at breaking my Louise syndrome in all areas of my life. It's not easy, but I tell can be a lot more fun. It's hard to get out of our comfort and security take a risk even with something so simple like wearing our nicer jewelry. Yet, when I do...I'm happier, and make others...even total strangers who admire the beautiful jewelry...a little happier too.

Here is a new video for you. Enjoy.


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