Saturday, August 9, 2008

rite of passage

Today, I entered a new phase in my son is starting high school. I was surprised how it felt like a rite of passage for me. I didn't expect it to feel that way.

But, it got me thinking about where I am in my life...and I realized that I have some very strong men to thank for making me the person I am today.

My dad...was known as the Colonel. He was tough and strict. Many of you have read my bio, and know that it wasn't until his last years of life that he finally supported my decision to be an artist. Because of him, I had to study marketing and law and other majors that he deemed acceptable. It was pure misery at the time...but in the long run...I feel that it has made me a better businesswoman. His tough love caused me to search for a life long partner who was always in support of my matter what. I was very lucky to find that guy and share my life for the past 20 years with him...Wine Husband (as I affectionately call him because he's a guru in the wine business)

That love of my life... is back in Atlanta now. It's very frustrating for him because of the limited "income potential" resources for a guy with his background, on this tiny island. So, for the time being he has to go back and forth to support our family. I know when things get a little tough, he feels like he's let me down. I guess most men instinctively feel that they have to be the provider. He feels bad for not being here and helping me more with my business and the kids. And not once, has he ever asked me to give up my artistic dream for something a bit more financially predictable. I can't say that it's not challenging...but if you look at the BIG picture...that challenge is a blessing. I've learned how to not only survive...but to do really well at it. I've taken more chances, and grown more than I ever expected. If all of this had not happened, I probably would have put off (or never gotten around to) my online classes. I would not have realized how much I was capable of...and how strong I am. ( So...thank you baby...I love you with all my heart...)

And 14 year old son. The boy with my eyes and who is painfully shy at times...just like me. He also has his Dad's big heart, and my artistic ability. At this young age, he already knows which art college that he wants to attend, and what his dream job will be later in life. His drawing ability has exceeded mine...and that is not just a proud mom speaking. He really is that good.

As we walked around his high school today, I was reminded of how much I disliked school. I realize now, that dislike... was from... not knowing myself. I had no idea that I wanted to be an artist back then, because it was never presented to me as an my parents or the school. Looking at my son's new class schedule, I was surprised to find he had no art classes...even though he had previously signed up for them. We found out budget cuts had eliminated one of two art teachers, and no freshman were going to be offered art classes. My shy son told me it was okay...and he would just deal with it. But, I knew in my heart that it wasn't okay. So I mustered up every bit of courage, energy, and good old Southern kindness...and went to see all the right people. And when it was all said and done...I'm happy to report that there is one freshman in art classes this year.

So, looking back over was a rite of passage. Walls of past and present prejudices of "being an artist" were broken down. My son and I crossed a bridge today where he will always know his dream of becoming an artist is extremely important. And I learned that because of every obstacle, challenge and bump in my so called has made me the artist I am today. And now I see, I wouldn't have changed a thing......

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