Friday, September 19, 2008

happy birthday Stephanie...

"The Coffee Thief"
18" x 24" mixed media on canvas

May 2008


Stephanie's birthday is 9/21

You can be wisked away into the world of creativity w/ redheads, cats, pandas, dogs,coffee or whatever your artistic mind can muster.

I'm off to steal a bit of her coffee.... David

Happy Birthday Stephanie,
I have to's most unusual for me to get a commissioned painting from a guy. Now...I must say that David no ordinary guy...but I'm sure you know that already. After months of exchanging emails...I finally finished your painting. David and I started this process in May...yes...he was already thinking about your birthday...way back then. It took a long time because David wanted me to take my time and create one "bad ass painting" (his exact words....) Well, I think we succeeded. I hope you agree. Over the past months, I've learned all about your pets, banjo the blind puppy dog, lunchbox the cat, the vicious squirrel who robbed poor banjo of his sight, the little bird that you used to have like mine, and even your "Welcome Back Kotter" lunchbox. I tried to put them all in the painting for you. David even picked out the music for the video. In the end...I added the little magic wand in her hand...because you have certainly cast a spell over him.

Have a wonderful birthday, my dear.


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