Monday, September 15, 2008

natural talent.....

Where in the world did we get the idea that making art was difficult...only reserved for a select few who had been blessed with "natural talent". I can remember growing up and having people say, I was born with the was in my "genes". As an adolescent...I guess that was comforting and somewhat empowering to have a "talent", especially one they made seem so rare. But, as I grew up, art became more and more difficult. Why? Because I made it hard. I forgot the most important part...playing and experimenting. I kept thinking that my art had to look like someone else's, or had to be in a certain gallery to truly be considered good. A first attempt at a painting had to magically formulate itself into a masterpiece. I was doomed before I even got started.

Now, I realize that "natural talent" has to do with letting what comes naturally to me simply translate itself into my art. It shouldn't be hard, it shouldn't be a struggle...just going with the natural flow of things. That's not easy...because as adults are brains get so clogged up with self sabotaging ideas. I wish we could remember ourselves as kindergartners and just free fall right into our art. No expectations, no negative thoughts, just playing, experimenting and loving every minute of it. Now, that's natural talent.

I created my Art Play class with this in mind. The 1st session completed and the 2nd session is beginning today. (Yes, you can still register and join the class ♥) It was a fast and furious look into a lot of art techniques. There was no start to finish painting demonstrated. We just broke things down and discovered how to play and experiment with our art again. I was very blessed to have excellent guest artists, who shared their expertise of playing with us.

It was so wonderful to see my student's work, and see them blossom.

Here is a painting that one of my students from Australia did.

She wrote, "I have learnt more in 4 weeks than in years. Getting these videos is like going to the sweet shop... yummm ! I have enjoyed being able to learn and try things at my convenience rather than race around to a class somewhere.

I also did not know a DVD was on it's way. You are so generous with your knowledge and time.

Love Karen"

I am just blown away from the love and gratitude. It is a tremendous feeling that I cannot even begin to explain. Wine Husband, the guru of wine...always talks about how he tries to demystify wine to his clients and consumers. "It's just grape juice", he says. That was the same thing that I wanted to achieve with the Art Play class...demystifying art...learning to play and create again...not worrying...not stressing...finding our own unique natural talent. We all have it. We just forget we do.


PS. The Art Play class started today, but you can join in this week and not fall behind. More info here.Pin It