Saturday, November 8, 2008

first friday and a new video...

Yesterday, was the first Friday in November. Now, that I've joined the Blue Door Artists...I've learned that First Fridays are a big deal. The entire gallery space is transformed with new work, things tidied up, newspaper write-ups, hor dourves, and lots of people.

I wasn't quite prepared. I spent most of the week, trying to unpack boxes and figure out where even the simplest of shipping supplies, like a tape gun had disappeared to. My shipments had backed up from the move, and I had to try to dig out. So, I'm afraid I wasn't there to help out the other artists prepare for such a big night.

I had to rely a lot on my new studio roommate Casey Matthews to rehang our area, clean and send JPEGs of my work to the local newspaper for me. She is the best!

By the time I arrived to First Friday, I was a scattered mess. I didn't have as much work as the other artists to display, and I mistakenly brought an apple pie, instead of finger food. Oops.

I promise to get my act together for the next First Friday.

It's been a little difficult moving from a 1000 square foot studio to less than 300 square feet. We're also moving out of our house, to another house in a couple of days. But, it is just around the corner, and a slow move that will go on until the end of the year. With that move, I will have a new home studio, as well! But here's a shot of my new Blue Door studio that I share with Casey, taken last night.

This is Casey's area. Wine Husband seems to think we're going to kill each other in such a small space...but I think it's going to work out great for both of us.

We had lots of people at First Friday. They all got to part take in a scavenger hunt for a $100 gift certificate. People had to go around to each artists work and find the clue in their paintings.

Later, Wine Husband (who brought me roses for the opening), Casey, and Michael went to our favorite restaurant for dinner. I finally relaxed and had a great time. Today, I took the day off and worked on a new video for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, I plan to be back in full swing at the new studio.

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