Wednesday, January 28, 2009

learning to say no...and listen more

I know it's been a while since I've posted. You see, I got sick. Not with a cold...but with something a little more serious. It started out as a cold in late November, then into a bronchial infection that antibiotics were resistant to. I managed to get through all my December orders and Christmas, but then the bottom fell out. My body didn't want to go anymore, and sleep didn't seem to help...then the worst started hair started falling out. Now...this should have been BIG clues that something just wasn't right. But, I plowed on and blamed it on the antibiotics, and tried to ignore it. Yet, it persisted and finally I went to the doctor. Turns out it's my thyroid and adrenal glands. The thyroid has been out of whack for awhile...and then the past few months of moving and holiday stress caused the adrenals problems too. I found a wonderful doctor who puts nutrition and supplements first, before prescriptions and invasive procedures. I'm feeling better, and am on the mend.

But, all of this has made me long did I ignore all the warning signs...even when they were blatantly in front of my face. I didn't listen to my body...I just kept going. For the past several months, I've been overloaded. I've had to spend far more hours on the business side of art, that the creation side of art. There were weeks that I never got to paint because too much other stuff got in the way. I took too much on, because I found it really hard to say no.

I learned the hard an artist, you have to balance and find your creative time. I think if I could have slowed things down a bit, and found more time to paint...things might not have been so severe. Or at least, I would have recognized them sooner.

You know what they say... dis - ease leads to disease. So, in this new year...I will paint and create more. I'll say no a little more often, and listen to my body and heart a whole lot more. ( I hope you will too.)

Now, on a lighter's a new video for you. At the end, you will see the latest addition to our family. She is my early birthday present, a 2 year old teacup poodle who's previous owner was elderly and unable to care for her anymore. Her name is Olivia (that's the name she came with and knows)....and I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

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