Friday, February 20, 2009

on the move again.....

If there is one four letter word that I have come to dislke would have to be MOVE. Funny, how years used to excite me. It meant something new and different. Yet, over the past year and a now just makes me tired thinking about it. I'm ready to grow roots and slow down for awhile. But, it just doesn't seem to be least not yet.

Last month, a room became available at my co-op artist studios. As many of you know...I moved my 1000 square foot studio into a small 300 square foot studio that I share with my dear friend, Casey Matthews. We were a little cramped...but having fun. The room (which had been a private office for a business man) became vacant. I looked at it...and it seemed dark and dingy with no window. I decided to pass on it. But, wine husband kept urging me to reconsider it. He totally convinced me that he could make it a great space for me. After a month, of great debate, I finally conceded and took the space. So, I'm moving again! Luckily, it's only one door down from my old studio with Casey. Here's a "Before" picture of the space.

That's an air conditioner in the corner. But other than that...there's not much else. It has a red hard wood floors, and a sky light. Wine Husband is hanging new lights for me this weekend...and Luke and I are painting and touching up the walls. Slowly...I'm getting excited about it...and it's starting to feel like I did the right thing. I'll keep you up to date on the process! I can't wait to show you the "After" shots!

It's been a long couple of weeks here. The cold weather...yes..cold for me in Florida...has gotten everyone down a little. Both kids have been sick from school...not at the same time, of course. I might have actually gotten this post done a little sooner! But, I got a special gift in the mail from one of my online students, Karen Hardie in the Art Play class. She made this gorgeous pendant for me inspired by my paintings, sent with lots of love all the way from Australia. And she even made one for Casey. You'll have to go to Casey's blog and take a look at it. They are both gorgeous and it was just the boost that I needed this week. It was so heartfelt and I will treasure it always. Thank you Karen! XOXOX!!!

There is much to write about, but I've got to get busy! In the middle of all this moving, it was decided that I would be the "Featured Artist" next month at Blue Door! So, I'm trying to work at home and get new work finished. Look at this messy studio!

These are a few of the works in progress. Yes, one is upside down from painting the sides of the canvas.

Here is a new video for you from the painting, "Slow Down". I hope you enjoy it! You can even learn how to create a terrarium too! Multi-tasking!


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