Tuesday, May 26, 2009

butterflies and birds yet...please

"Butterflies and Bees...No Birds Yet"
6" X 6"
watercolor and ink on paper

This past weekend...I went shopping for a swimsuit for my 8 year old daughter. Luckily, she was not with me. As I was looking over the swimsuits...I picked up a cute little bikini. The hang tag glared up at me, "Now with padded cups!". I was looking at a size 7 in the girls department. My first reaction was, "Oh...this must be from the Juniors department." I glanced at the other sizes of this suit on display...and I was wrong. They were making padded cups for little girls in elementary school. Now, I consider myself to be a pretty open minded mom...but this was ridiculous! Why?............ I don't get it? I did end up getting my daughter a swimsuit...but it was a pink one piece made for a rambunctious, self proclaimed, 1/2 tomboy.

At night...I try to sit down and doodle. Sometimes...I get a really good idea and it becomes a minature study painting for a larger painting. I guess that my "padded cups for 7 year olds afternoon" prompted this little painting above. We are not ready for the birds and the bees yet!

Someone was recently in my studio, and was looking over these little studies and asked if I sold them. I had never considered it because they are just studies and warm ups for the larger paintings. She purchased three that day. So, I decided to start sharing them with you also. I never considered that you might enjoy seeing how some of the larger paintings develop from these little paintings. There's a new category in my Etsy store called small originals.

I also finally put together a new postcard pack with a few more of your favorite paintings.

That's all for today...I promise...two posts in one day! You are all caught up now and I need to get to work!


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