Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new painting update & the question

For me personally, as an artist...there is one question I dislike more than any other. And this has reared it's ugly head for some reason, more than once.

"How long does it take you to do a painting?"

Sounds like an easy one, I know. But for me...I never know how to answer it. I guess I've never timed start to finish how long it takes me to complete a painting. I get interrupted too much, and have too many other non-art things going on. It makes me wonder why the interrogator (just kidding) is asking me this question! Is it a trick question? What if I answer it wrong? If I say too little, will it discredit the work. If I say too long...will it make me look good or bad, as the artist?

I went into work today, and thought I would probably finish the octopus painting in the next couple of days...provided I didn't have too many interruptions or other obligations. I started collaging her dress today.
It turned out to be a several hour project in itself. After lunch...I was totally frustrated with the painting and wondering if I shouldn't scrap it all together. By the time I finished her dress, I decided I definitely needed to get some darks into the top of the painting to balance everything out. So, I started with her hair...using the watercolor crayon technique that I teach in the Mixed Media with the Girls class. Then I gradually moved onto her face.
At the end of the day. This is how she looked. I'm learning that I don't control the painting as much as I would like to think I do. It evolves and takes me on unexpected, sometimes scary, sometimes frustrating, and always fascinating journey.

Next time someone asks me the dreaded question...."how long does it take you to finish a painting?"...

My answer will be...I don't know...I have to let the painting decide.

More later...

PS. Thank you for all your well wishes for my brother in law. He is recovering from the surgery and we think it went well. Pin It