Tuesday, May 26, 2009

playing hooky from the octopus & new jewelry

Last Wednesday was the last day that I was able to work in the studio on the new octopus painting. Later that night, I showed some of the progress photos to Wine Husband, who commented that it was coming along nicely, and he hoped that I wouldn't "junk" it up too much! I know "non-artist folks" mean well...but sometimes one simple, off handed, comment can kind of throw you for a loop. You see, there is more to the composition of the octopus painting that hasn't been added yet! Yes...more stuff...aka junk.... So, I decided to take a break from the octo to clear my mind a bit. I worked on jewelry. Here are some photos of the new work.

This is a red and black vintage lucite and brass lariat necklace. I must have been on a red and black kick. Check out the earrings:

And lastly, a bracelet. I love vintage lucite flowers...can't you tell? I guess a lot of people would think these old plastic flowers are junk...but I love them and that's what counts.

Making jewelry is a great way for me to clear my head from painting. I decided I will go ahead with the other areas of the painting that are not visible yet. I have more to add to the story. So expect to see more things appearing. My junk is my junk and all that matters is...that I love it.

Back to creating...

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