Monday, May 11, 2009

she doesn't want to play.....

"She Doesn't Want To Play"
mixed media on wood
18" x 24"

This is my latest painting. It's called, "She Doesn't Want to Play". A friend said that pretty much described me lately. I actually think that they don't know me very well. You see, last year, I learned the hard way that growing a business is much different than growing as an artist. Even if your business is your art. I spent a lot of time in 2008 growing my business...which was good, but at the same time, not so good. The constant worry, over scheduling, and lack of prioritizing myself first...did some detrimental things to my health. I found out the hard way what happens when you don't put yourself first. The first few months of 2009 were healing time for me. Now, it's May, and I'm wondering where this year is going. So, I decided to spend the rest of the year focusing on myself, and growing as an artist. In order to do this, I had to cut back on a lot of things. It means pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone. It means redefining your goals in your art. It means less computer time, less emails, less phone calls, and more drawing and painting time. It means less YouTube videos. It means, thinking, questioning, and reinventing your art and what it means to you. So, please excuse me if it seems that...I don't want to play. Because I'm just trying to grow.

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