Friday, May 29, 2009

spacey a space it's really Wyanne

"Spacey a Space Cadet"
Mixed Media on canvas
12" x 12"

This past Friday, I took the day off to go to the zoo with my daughter and all the students of her elementary school. This was the first time that I had gone with her on a field trip, this year.
When my daughter introduced me to her friends that day... this was my introduction: "This is my mom. She's really sweet. She's not a mean mom. But she is really forgetful". Okay??? Where did that come from?

I tried to think why my daughter thought I was forgetful.

I've never forgotten birthdays or important events. Well...okay there was that one time that I forgot her best friend's birthday party...and we missed it. But that was over two years ago! I never remember numbers. I can't remember more than two telephone numbers...and half the time forget my own cell number because I never call it! One time, I did use salt instead of sugar in a cake that I baked...and didn't realize it until the first bite! I have special apps on my iphone to help me remember and keep track of not only my work schedule, but also when to take my vitamins. Wine Husband can ask me just to remember 2 things to do for him during the day...and I will usually forget one or both of them. In a conversation with a friend recently, she recited from memory, the week by week summer schedule for her family. I was amazed...I told her that I didn't know what our schedule was past next Thursday...and this was on a Monday!

Am I just getting old? No...after thinking long and hard about it...I've always been this way. But...why? I get distracted easily. I look at things differently. It's like the world is this kaleidoscope of patterns, dancing colors, and fleeting emotions. I tend to notice things that most people don't. From the odd patterns formed in stucco, to the peeling paint on an old door, to the uncertainty on a little girls face. I try to soak it all in and incorporate it in some small way in my paintings and art. I'm constantly studying and filing things away in my mind.

People who I've never met, come into my studio and ask me where I get my ideas from. They are amazed at the imagination and creativity behind the work. I'm always surprised by matter how often it happens. Because for's just the things that I see, in everyday life. So, I guess for now, I'll let myself off the hook.

We enjoyed our rainy day at the zoo. It was wonderful because all the animals were out. Here's some pics for you. It was a magical time.
We got to feed the baby giraffe.
And get close up and personal with the animals.even petting stingrays!

Despite the rain...we had a grand time. The things I collected from the trip could fill an entire year of paintings! And I'm really proud of myself...I even remembered to pack the sunscreen!

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