Thursday, May 14, 2009

work in progress & wrestling with the octopus

Well, I'm back at the studio today working on the new painting. It's always interesting when you leave your work in process and come back to it later. Sometimes, you come back to it...and know exactly what to do next. Other come back to it and wonder what in the world you were thinking. I came back to it really pleased, but wondering what to do next. You can sometimes almost become paralyzed when you begin to love a work so're petrified to make the next move. So, I decided to concentrate on her dress and panties. I tried to find some college papers that would work...

But...the painting isn't developed enough to make that decision yet. So, I decided to move onto the octopus. I pulled a color off the top of my head...and through worry aside and just painted.

I got a new easel that allows me to lay the painting flat. It's really good for larger pieces like this one...because my desk is usually too messy.

So this is the finished octopus (at least for now). It was a long process. I worked on him 4 hours! Yes, that was between visiting with tourists and lunch! It was good to have a flat surface to work on. I started out with watercolor crayon, washes of acrylic, and alcohol drops. Then more washes, and salt. I finally added more details with acrylic and charcoal.

Back in college, my professor used to tell me to be sure to bring up the painting all at the same you had a more even contrast...and you can judge things better. Of course I didn't do that today! I added some darks at the bottom to help it out.

So, now I need to call it a day. It's raining outside and I'm losing light. I leave wondering how I will feel about it in the morning.

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