Monday, June 1, 2009

Believe...A Special Sale for Blog Readers!

You might remember this Gocco print that I did a while back. It was a limited edition of 60 printed on vintage book pages from Faust. There are just 15 prints left. These last ones have great character and nuances. I especially like the one above because it has vintage handwriting in the upper corner where the previous owner of the book had made notes.

Someone recently emailed me asking if there were any prints left in the addition...and since they were all so unique...I scanned the rest and put them in my Etsy store. The last remaining prints are on sale at $15 plus free shipping in the US.

Once these are sold there will be no more. And no additional giclees will be made from these remaining 15.

And if you decide to purchase any additional items from the Etsy store, they will be 10% off. Just send me a message that you are a blog reader and I will send you a revised PayPal invoice reflecting the discount.

Happy Monday!
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